The company was founded in 1999 and then reborn in 2019. It’s main activities are the development of broadband loudspeaker drivers and ribbon emitters, as well as acoustic systems and headphones using it’s.


Terms and conditions


        Depending on your country the shipping time normally no longer as 10-12 days.  If you give a financial guarantee, loudspeakers and drivers can be shipped for a 14-day test on requires. The shipping costs and other fees in this case, off course, should be payed from customers. By returns please be sure that the product hasn’t any damaging. The original packaging and accompanying documents must also be preserved. The packaging is designed to be exposed to high loads without damaging the products. For return shipment, it is important that the product is packaged exactly as it was in the original.


Price per pair
incl. VAT in Europe
excl. VAT out of Europe
Binom-1.0 Loudspeaker
With Binom-A Driver 9.7548.965
Binom-1.1 Loudspeaker
With Binom-A1 Driver 11.950 €10.983 €
Binom-1.2 Loudspeaker
With Binom-A1 Rev.2 Driver18.900 €17.400 €
Binom-Stand AL
Stands in Titan or Black optic / AL4.400 €4.040 €
Binom-Stand Wood
Stands in piano finish /wood1.200 €1.103 €
Flat-diaphragm Full-Range driver 4.900 €4.504 €
Flat-diaphragm Full-Range driver 5.900 €5.423 €
Binom-A1 Rev.2
Flat-diaphragm Full-Range driver 7.800 €7.169 €
Isodynamic Headphone5.800 €5.331 €
Isodynamic Headphone Driver1.236 €1.136 €
Binom-1 Drivers Upgrage 
Upgrade to Binom-A1 Rev2. driver2.150 €1.976 €
Camerton provides a 3 year warranty of all products. Excellent post-warranty service with product updates possibility is also offered. Always enjoy the modern, powerful and warm sound of the Camerton loudspeakers.