Binom – A1 is the next solution for connoisseurs of true splendor of music sound. Having retained all the advantages of our predecessor, we did everything to improve its quality characteristics by an order of magnitude. To achieve greater consistency between mid and high frequencies, the specially developed, new, proprietary balsa diaphragm uses a new decoupling between its center and main part. The very design of the diaphragm is brought to more optimal parameters thanks to the introduction of new self-damping elements. The total proportion of metal in the diaphragm is reduced, respectively, this made it possible to achieve a decrease in its weight and now it is only 3 g. Thus, the response to a single impulse has become even more accurate, and the transition from medium to high frequencies is now stitched into a single whole. By increasing the internal loss factor of this design, the sound has become even warmer. This driver is equipped with a single layer voice coil made of oxygen-free copper wire. The optimal combination of coil weight and number of turns ensures maximum contact with the magnetic field, providing unparalleled response and maximum control over its movement. The magnetic system, based on our proprietary principle, has a symmetrical design based on two neodymium magnets. To ensure the required degree of interaction with the current of the voice coil, its magnetic core is made using precision silicon steel. To achieve the highest degree of eddy current suppression, all its elements are assembled from thin sheets, electrically isolated from each other. As in previous models, to enhance the effect, the parts forming the air gap are additionally equipped with electrolytic copper inserts. All materials of the system, in order to achieve their nominal parameters, are additionally subjected to high-temperature tempering in vacuum before assembly. The constant value of the magnetic induction in the working gap ensures the linear movement of the voice coil. In the range of + -11 mm. The driver basket is made from a single piece by milling on CNC machines from a special aluminum alloy with low internal stresses. The use of this material avoids its deformation after machining, thus ensuring the exact positioning of all driver elements. After machining, anodizing is performed in black or titanium color. The driver is mounted using a single threaded hole on the back of the magnet system. This solution allows the driver to be included in the stiffness structure of the loudspeaker and to achieve increased damping of its housing. The tightness of the fastening is ensured by means of a precision rubber O-ring and is only possible with a perfectly flat mounting surface. The front side of the balsa diaphragm is our signature style, which will delight lovers of the classics of the Baroque era – a period when music strived for special grandeur and splendor. We are sure that the history of High-End audio has never seen anything like it. The sound of this driver will make you really feel the contrast between the voices of the singers, the choir and the orchestra, conveying all the nuances of musical traditions.