Binom-E – isodynamic driver – the perfect solution for creating the highest quality headphones. The sound in this driver creates an ultra-thin 6-micron diaphragm made of polyethylene terephthalate. Its weight is negligible compared to the diaphragm masses of classic drivers. On the diaphragm, through a special adhesive applied aluminum conductor, which occupies almost 99% of its area. The properties of the diaphragm material and the adhesive itself are optimally selected to provide the best acoustical output. Magnetic system of the driver is carefully calculated using the finite element analysis method, performed using super-power neodymium magnets. The optimal interaction of the diaphragm conductor with the magnetic field allows to maximally linearize the operation of latter, achieving unrivaled sound quality. In the driver’s design, metal parts are replaced with carbonic ones, which, in addition to the favorable effect on the driver’s sound, allowed reducing its mass by 25%. The low weight of the driver, combined with a large diaphragm area, makes possible to achieve incredibly detailed and spatial sound. The bass potential of this driver will surprise everyone.