The headphones are based on our latest Binom-E driver. The entire structure is designed in such a way as to provide maximum isolation of all system elements and the thinnest, sensitive diaphragm of the driver. This prevents it from reproducing of ambient noise coming from the outer surfaces of the headphones. For this purpose, the ear cushions are divided into two parts acoustically isolated from each other. Inner ring is suspended on a thin rubber ring. Especially for this, the cable is also connected to the outer ring of the ear pads, and then, using a special flexible cable, in turn, is fed to the driver. The rigid elements of the earbuds are made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Also, in the headphones used parts made of genuine leather and silicone rubber. The surface of aluminum alloy parts is anodized. Natural pores of the material are used as an acoustic resistance panel on the back of the driver. The soft suspension of the ear cushions, in addition to the acoustic effect, makes wearing headphones and listening to music very comfortable. The colors are silver and black.