Carry Case

           It would seem that luxury premium headphones are a product for purely home use, but do not forget that headphones, in their principle, are a mobile product. Indeed, one of the great advantages of this product is that you can always take it with you and enjoy the magnificence of music anywhere in the world. Especially for this, we have developed a chic portable case. It is made of modern synthetic materials. The internal adjustment of the case is carried out with such precision that when closing its walls, the headphones are slightly clamped inside, thus creating, as it were, a monolith of the headphones and the case. The sealed case also eliminates sudden temperature changes and the negative impact of moisture on the product inside it. This design is fantastically stable and will take any journey with ease. The case has a pocket for cables and other accessories. By tradition, all-metal logos are used, applied to the case itself, as well as the zipper. Your product will remain in its original form even in the most extreme conditions.