The cable is designed for everyday use when you are on the go. Its length is one meter. On the one hand, it is equipped with a connector according to the Multi-contact symmetrical connecting system, on the other hand, a 3.5 mm audio jack. To supply a signal to each terminal of the drivers on the headphones side, two pairs of contacts are used in the connector. This significantly reduces the contact resistance and increases the reliability of the connector. Connector housings are made of aluminum alloys and contain our logo. conductor material is stranded wire made of oxygen-free copper that has undergone special processing, including rolling followed by vacuum tempering. This technology allows the crystal lattices of the material to be ideally positioned and thus provide excellent electrical performance. Additionally, signal leads are covered by a shielding braid to prevent electrostatic charging and electromagnetic influences. We pay great attention not only to the electrical, but also to the mechanical properties of the cable. This is of great importance, because if this is neglected, the cable can turn into a kind of mechanical signal transmitter from the sound source to the driver diaphragms in the headphones. It can also work as a sound receiver from the environment. Especially to avoid this effect, the cable sheath is made of a material with a high damping coefficient and is additionally covered with a vibration-damping nylon screen. The combination of all of the above factors, combined with the minimum weight of this cable, will allow you to enjoy music with all its fullness and comfort.