The product has been developed using the latest technology available in the field today. Its entire design and each element individually contain the accumulated, many years of development experience in this area. During its development, along with the classical ones, specially developed methods of computer analysis were applied. Starting from the design stage, all currently known methods of heuristic and computer modeling were used. Even at the design stages, the use of a block-modular principle in headphones was laid, which, in turn, then allowed developing each subsystem – a module, separately. As a result, many classical, mechanical solutions have been replaced by non-contact ones based on a magnetic field. Based on this principle, in order to improve the quality of playback, as well as to increase reliability, some systems were duplicated and even quadrupled. We are confident that the combination of all the above qualities has allowed us to create a truly magnificent product designed to give you a completely new perception of musical creations.

Key features:

Traditionally, this product uses a proprietary isodynamic driver. This fact allows us to easily control its parameters for the most effective integration with other elements of the headphones. Many parts of the driver perform several functions, avoiding the use of “extra” parts and, thus, unnecessary weight. In its development, all many years of experience with planar emitters are taken into account and the latest, previously unseen technologies are introduced. Read more….

There is no rigid connection between all elements of the headphone assembly. This is necessary to reduce the microphone-effect and the subsequent transmission of noise from the environment to the thinnest driver diaphragms, which, are especially sensitive to this. Even where it would seem impossible. A non-contact magnetic system was also used to discretize the slider mooving. In addition, the drivers themselves are also additionally isolated from the outer bands of the ear pads using special silicone rubber inserts.

For the connection, well-established USB-C connector is used. This is one of the few connectors that are reversible. So now you can simply insert the plug without having to think about marking points etc. From it follows, that each contact group in the connector is symmetrically duplicated. Input jacks are located on both ear cups. Connecting the cable in either side to any of them provides full headphone functionality. Connection is provided using two types of cables – mobile and stationary.

When using a mobile cable, you just need to insert it into any of the connectors. In this case, the signal to each terminal of the driver is transmitted simultaneously using two contact groups. Also, depending on the type of cable, two separate cable cores can be used.

When using an Y-stationary cable two sockets are supposed to be used at once. Thus, the number of contact points for signal transmission doubles and becomes four. Accordingly, the maximum number of individual cable cores for each terminal of each driver can also be increased to four.

All load-bearing structural elements are made of ultra-light aluminum alloys used in the aerospace industry. To achieve the required accuracy, the manufacturing process is carried out exclusively on special CNC equipment. To achieve the necessary rigidity, all parts are made from a solid piece. After machining, the parts are specially treated and coated in black or titanium optic.

The headphones use an innovative slider sampling system. The outdated mechanical principle has been replaced by a magnetic one. The principle of its operation lies in the presence in the construction of the slider of a special plate made of ferrimagnetic material with variable magnetization. The same plate is present in the headband. The interaction of these magnetic fields provide the non-contact, very smooth discretization of its movement. In addition, this solution is very lightweight and provides complete acoustic isolation of the headband from the ear cups.

Like all other parts, the headband of the headphones is monolithic. and also made from a single piece. This, combined with carefully designed material, allows for maximum integration with the rest of the system. Thus, its optimal acoustic properties are ensured. The absence of unnecessary parts for connection also allowed to reduce the weight of the system and significantly increase its overall reliability.


Transducer principleIsodynamic
Impedance42 Ohm
Frequency response8Hz-51kHz
Distortion< 0,01 % @ 94 dB
Max. SPL>135dB
Transducer size98 mm
DesignOver-ear, open back
ConnectivityMulti-contact symmetrical connecting system
Weight375 g.