Binom-A2  is the absolute flagship of the Binom-A model range. In this driver, almost all elements are designed so that they work at the limit of their physical capabilities. The absolute physical limits of the parameters in the materials used have been reached. The aluminum stiffeners of the new compact wooden diaphragm have been replaced with anisotropic carbon fiber impregnated with a special high-damping compound. The mechanical properties of this material are tens of times higher than those of aluminum alloys used in the aerospace industry. The weight of the new diaphragm has been reduced to an incredible 2.6g. This allowed a more flexible approach to optimizing the operation of the diaphragm, and a special impregnation completely dampens all unwanted resonances. The impulse response of the driver is one step closer to ideal. An additional advantage is the high electrical resistance of this material, which, in combination with its special, hand-made, anisotropic structure, completely excludes the occurrence of secondary electric currents in it. This prevents a strong magnetic field from affecting the movement of the diaphragm and causing distortion in it. This driver is equipped with a single layer voice coil made of oxygen-free copper wire. The optimal combination of coil weight and number of turns ensures maximum contact with the magnetic field, providing unparalleled response and maximum control over its movement.
        The magnetic driver system has also been upgraded. To ensure the required degree of interaction with the current of the voice coil, its magnetic core is made using precision silicon steel. To achieve the highest degree of eddy current suppression, all its elements are assembled from thin sheets, electrically isolated from each other. In areas with supersaturation, inserts from a precision soft magnetic alloy – Permendur are used. As in previous models, to enhance the effect, the parts forming the air gap are additionally equipped with electrolytic copper inserts. All materials of the system, in order to achieve their nominal parameters, are additionally subjected to high-temperature tempering in vacuum before assembly. As a result, it was possible to homogenize the magnetic field even more. In addition to gluing, to achieve greater strength, now it is additionally tightened with special bolts. Thanks to the new coating, its color also changed, which became one of the main external differences. It is still mechanically engraved with company details, the name and serial number of the driver.
While retaining all the qualities of its predecessor, this driver offers a completely new way of sounding music. This is especially true for the presentation of high frequencies. The sound of the harpsichord acquires an unimaginable volume and allows you to plunge into the deep world of the sound of this amazing instrument with a feeling of absolute reality. Women’s voices now simply envelop with their warmth and make you feel the breath of the performers. The sound of violins will make you literally rethink the whole relationship to classical music. Just try it and you will feel that before you got to know the Binom acoustics, your idea of ​​music was simply incomplete …