Terms and conditions


Terms and conditions


        Depending on your country the shipping time normally no longer as 10-12 days.  If you give a financial guarantee, loudspeakers and drivers can be shipped for a 14-day test on requires. The shipping costs and other fees in this case, off course, should be payed from customers. By returns please be sure that the product hasn’t any damaging. The original packaging and accompanying documents must also be preserved. The packaging is designed to be exposed to high loads without damaging the products. For return shipment, it is important that the product is packaged exactly as it was in the original.


Price per pair, €
Binom-1.0 Loudspeaker
With Binom-A Driver8.128
Binom-1.1 Loudspeaker
With Binom-A1 Driver9.958
Binom-1.2 Loudspeaker
With Binom-A2 Driver15.750
Binom-Stand AL
Stands in Titan or Black optic / AL4.498
Binom-Stand Wood
Stands in piano finish /wood998
Isodynamic Headphone5.499
Warranty Terms:  

Camerton products are entitled to 36-month limited warranty service which is only applicable to products purchased from official dealers. Any accessory attached to a product including cables are covered with 12-month warranty.

For the purpose of the warranty service, the product must be brand-new and unused prior to the date of purchase. The warranty service only applies to first-hand purchasers. Customers are required to retain their sales invoices and warranty certificates as evidence of purchase. On the sales invoice, date of purchase and product name shall be indicated.  

For headphones products warranty, customers are required to provide product packaging and purchase certificate not beyond three years from the date of purchase. If any of the above documents is missing, the right to warranty service is automatically lost.

Within the warranty period, if product defect or failure is verified manufacter or authorized service center to be attributable to material defection or technological problem, then Camerton will repair the defective product or replace the defective part of the product without charge.

Defective product or part, may replace with a new or renovated product or part. All replaced products or parts shall belong to Camerton company.  

The warranty service doesn’t cover the following items:  

  • Faults non-attributable to product quality or performance;
  • Faults resulted from poor use of a product without following its operation specification;
  • Faulty operation;
  • Mechanical damage;
  • Thermal damage of driver diaphragms as a result of applying incorrect voltage;
  • Faults as a result of aging and deterioration;
  • Modifications to a product by its user or a third party without prior written consent; 
  • Faults as a result of force majeure; 
  • Faults known by a user prior to purchase;  

If a product is modified by unauthorized persons or service providers, all commitments thereto covered by the warranty shall become void and null promptly. In addition, once the identification, serial number on a product or its parts is removed or altered, the commitment to warranty shall become void and null promptly. Unless legal rights granted by laws stand inconsistent with these warranty terms, otherwise these warranty terms shall apply and be enforceable. In addition to the above terms, any other warranty or rights other than those set out herein shall be excluded.