This cable is supposed to listen to music only at home. This is an Y-cable. Its length is 2.5 meters. On the one hand, it is equipped with two connectors according to the Multi-contact symmetrical connecting system, on the other hand, a 6.3mm audio jack. You don’t have to worry about polarity. Just plug the plugs into their sockets. The signal is supplied to each terminal of the drivers on the side of the headphones from two ear pads at once. Thus, two connectors are involved in its transmission, in which there are two pairs of contacts. This solution allows increasing the electrical conductivity of the contact points to its physical limit. Connector housings are made of aluminum alloys and contain our company logo. The conductor material is oxygen-free copper stranded wire, which has undergone special processing, including rolling followed by vacuum tempering. After that, cryogenic processing of the wire material is carried out. This technology makes it possible to ideally position and fix the crystal lattices of the material and thus ensure the performance of the cable at the limit of its physical capabilities. The capacitance as well as the inductance are small and optimized for the best signal transmission over the entire operating range. In addition, the signal wires are covered with a braided shield to prevent electrostatic charging and electromagnetic interference. We pay great attention not only to the electrical, but also to the mechanical properties of the cable. This is of great importance, because if this is neglected, the cable can turn into a kind of mechanical signal transmitter from the sound source to the driver diaphragms in the headphones. However, it can also work as a sound receiver from the environment. Especially to avoid this effect, the cable sheath is made of a material with a high damping coefficient and is additionally covered with a vibration-damping nylon screen. This cable is designed to give you an unforgettable experience of listening to both new and already known music creations, revealing all the superiority and charm of music.