Binom-E – isodynamic driver – a solution specially designed for our headphones – Binom-ER. The sound in this driver is created by an ultra-thin diaphragm made of polyethylene terephthalate on the surface of which an aluminum conductor is applied. The manufacturing technology of the diaphragm, in contrast to the classical ones, in which metallic conductive paths are applied to the diaphragm in certain places by spraying, differs in that, in this case, first, an ultra-thin, electrical, aluminum film is applied to the polyethylene terephthalate film using a special adhesive. Then, with the help of photo-etching, the excess metal is etched away, leaving only conductive paths. This method has a huge advantage. The fact is that the electrical aluminum used, specially made for this purpose, followed by rolling, has much better electrical properties than sprayed metal. The mass of the diaphragm is negligibly small compared to the mass of the diaphragms of classical drivers. The properties of the diaphragm material and the adhesive itself are optimally matched to provide the best acoustical properties. The magnetic system of the driver is carefully calculated using the finite element method, made using heavy-duty neodymium magnets. Optimum interaction of the diaphragm with the magnetic field allows the maximum linearization of the work of the latter, achieving unsurpassed sound quality. In the design of the driver, metal parts were replaced with carbon ones, which, in addition to a favorable effect on the sound of the driver, made it possible to reduce its weight by 25%. The low weight of the driver, combined with a large diaphragm area, allows you to achieve incredibly detailed and spacious sound. The bass potential of this driver will surprise everyone.