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      Binom-1 is a single-driver loudspeaker designed to turn over your imagination of fullness, power and fidelity of sound. Precisely calculated compact dimensions in conjunction with the excellent performance of the integral structure of the body made of natural wood, ensure the complete absence of parasitic resonances, conveying to the listener only the true intentions of music creators. Thanks to the fine tuning, specially designed phase inversion system, with a port on the rear panel, the bass register of classics sounds with absolute fullness. Its effect will surprise even the most ardent fans of dynamic and elastic bass. The presence in the system only one compact driver allows to achieve the maximum degree of focusing, detailing and rendering of all images of the sound stage, with entire integrity and warmth of the musical canvas. Thanks to the specially developed block-modular principle, the loudspeaker can be supplied with a whole palette of our proprietary drivers, which is constantly updated. This option will also allow you to constantly update your system. The superb finish in black or white piano lacquer, in addition to fulfilling its acoustic functions, will elegantly fit this model into your interior.

Available versions:

Binom-1.0 Binom-A 
Binom-1.2Binom-A1 Rev.2